Reformed University

Refund Policy and Term

Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from class may be entitled to partial/full tuition refund, (usually fees are not refundable) and refunds will be disbursed in full. Students will receive refunds for over-payments and/or withdrawal from classes or institution without any additional constituted administrative fees charged.

Students will not receive refunds on late registration fees, any private scholarships, late payment fees, deferred payment fees, application fee after 3 business days of initial application filed, and charges for non-payment, default payment fees, or any charges for returned checks. Not attending classes does NOT constitute a formal withdrawal.

In any case of course cancellation, the institution will notify each student of a course cancellation and recommend other course works for replacement. However, if this process is not satisfactorily implemented and course change is not complete prior to the first day of a class, the institution will refund the full tuition for the cancelled course to the student without filing Tuition Refund Request.

Dated and Signed Tuition Refund Request Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office. The Office of Business Affairs (Student Accounts) may consider refunds on an individual basis is considered where extenuating circumstances such as student injury, prolonged illness or death, or other circumstances which prohibit completion of the course or program of study.

Terms of Refund

In order to calculate refunds, Reformed University adopts a system in accordance with the date on which the student has begun the official withdrawal or drop process by submitting the Dated and Signed Tuition Refund Request Form to the Registrar's Office.

Refunds are determined based on the proration of tuition and percentage of program completed at withdrawal, up until 50% of the program

If the student has begun the official withdrawal process and the Tuition Refund Request is received and recorded by the Registrar's Office:





refundable tuition and fees

Within three (3) business days after the initial application agreement received



After 3 days of initial application agreement received and during the first week of a semester



During the second week of a semester



During the third & fourth week



During the fifth, sixth, seventh, & eighth week (before fifty (50) percent of the period of enrollment)



After the eighth week (after fifty (50) percent of the period of enrollment)


No Refund

Reformed University charges for fees, books and supplies which are in addition to tuition, refunds any unused portion of the fees except for:
• items that were special ordered for a particular student and cannot be used or sold to another student
• items that were returned in a condition that prevents them from being used by or sold to new students
• non-refundable fees for goods and/or services provided by third party vendors

For all students, refunds will be available within 30 calendar days of refund request. However, for any students leaving the US territory or with a permanent address in a foreign nation, please allow extended delivery days as the Paper Check may be delivered within 10 to 15 business days depending on the country and region of your desired mailing location.

Important Refund Information on Housing

Cancellation of the housing contract by the student occupant after acceptance by Reformed University is effectuated only by receipt of written notice of cancellation by the Department of Student Housing (Dormitory). Upon cancellation of this contract by the student occupant, the student occupant will forfeit his/her entire room application/damage fee, and the student will also be subjected to penalty charges as stated below.

The student occupant may be eligible for a refund of room rent pursuant to the following refund schedule, subject, however to other provisions in or of this contract. Students who are financial aid recipients are subject to federal government guidelines regarding refunds. Students are required to vacate Reformed University housing and cease using its dining facilities after he/she withdraws or drops out, or be held liable for room and board charges beyond his or her last date of attendance. The date the Department of Student Housing (Dormitory) receives written notice of cancellation is the official cancellation date.

Housing Refund Schedule

• If the cancellation date is prior to the official move-in day for a given semester, the occupant is entitled to a refund of room rent equal to 100% of the room rent paid, provided the room is vacated.
• If the cancellation date is after move-in but before or during the first week of classes, the student occupant is entitled to a refund of room rent equal to 90% of the room rent paid, provided the room is vacated.
• If the cancellation date is after the first week of classes yet prior to the end of the first third of a given semester, the student occupant is entitled to a refund of room rent equal to 50% of the room rent paid, provided the room is vacated.
• If the cancellation date after the first third of a given semester, the student occupant is not entitled to any refund of the room rent and is liable for the entire semester's room rent.

As a student is academically dismissed from the University, or expelled due to behavioral discipline, the student must withdraw from housing in writing to the Department of Student Housing (Dormitory) and the same above-refund schedule will apply.

Official Withdrawal from Housing

A student must officially submit their withdrawal from the residence halls to the Department of Student Housing (Dormitory) to cancel the Housing Contract. If cancellation is during a semester, or between fall and spring semester, students are expected to remove his/her personal items from the assignment within 48 hours of the signed withdrawal or in the case of spring semester withdrawal, items must be removed from the room prior to the start of the semester. Our posted housing refund policy applies to all cancellations. Cancellations occurring during a semester are subject to inspection of the vacated room for any damages.

Full Refund if Called to Active Duty

Reformed University will refund 100% of ALL tuition and fees for US military personnel who receive orders calling them into active duty and must discontinue studies during the academic semester.

Appeal / Complaint

Students who are not satisfied with the regulation specified in regards to Reformed University Refund Policy may take an initial appeal process to the Registrar. If the students are still discontented, they may appeal either to the President or to the Academic Standing Faculty Committee. The President or the committee may make a recommendation for resolution, but when a decision being made does not bring justice and fairness to the students, they may take final appeal to GNPEC (Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission) of Georgia as follows:

State of Georgia
Address: 2082 East Exchange Place, Suite 220
Tucker, GA 30084-5305
Office Number: (770) 414-3300