Reformed University


Year    Term     
Semester Course Number Class Course Title Instructor File
Summer2018 MUS105-201822 0 Music Appreciation Joowon Jun
Summer2018 CHEM115-201821 0 Introductory General Chemistry Hong K Park
Summer2018 COMP103-201822 0 Information Teachnology for Every Life Charles Chae
Summer2018 ENGL101-201821 0 College Writing I Christy Paik
Summer2018 MATH115-201821 0 College Algebra Gyuheui Choi
Summer2018 HCOM100-201822 0 Introduction to Human Communication Alan Boyer
Summer2018 HUM210-201822 0 Leadership Development Young Jun Kim
Spring2018 BBLS201-201812 0 Inductive Bible Study Methods Won Wook Moon
Spring2018 CCED404-201812 0 Art of Parenting Kwan Hae Chi
Spring2018 BBLS201-201814 0 Inductive Bible Study Methods Won Wook Moon