Reformed University

Computer Lab

Classroom Usage Policy

Last Updated:Jan 2012

The purpose of the following policy is to establish a basis for people who need to schedule and/or use these facilities:

  1. Credit courses in TRS's Schedule of Classes have first priority, and should fall within the times approved by the University Schedule Policy.
  2. Scheduling a class for a term does not guarantee a reservation during Finals Week. Finals should be scheduled separately. Classes that regularly meet in these facilities during the term will receive priority for scheduling during Finals Week.
  3. Courses scheduled one term do not automatically carry over to the next term or year. Classes must be rescheduled each term.
  4. Other associated departments and/or programs can be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis after the schedule of classes has gone to press.
  5. Classes will be scheduled within operational hours of the Student Computing Facilities. Classes outside of this specification will need to be approved by the facility coordinator
  6. Additional software needs can be met by following the requirements put forth in the Software Installation Policy.