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Software Installation Policy

Last Updated:Jan 2012

Instructors requiring software to be installed in our labs must do the following:
  1. Fill out a request form detailing their software needs.
  2. Deliver any software installation media or provide website information to download such media.
  3. Proof of valid licences and number of licenses avalible for us to use.
  4. Any Installation documentation.
The software installation form and corresponding software must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the time the software is needed.

Software delivered with shorter lead time will result in a first-come, first-serve basis with an installation period of up to 2 weeks.

Instructors will be notified when their software is installed and ready to test.

Software installed in our labs should be tested at least 48 hours prior to their first class to make sure it is working according to their needs.

Software installed in our virtual computer lab should be tested at least one (1) week prior to their first class to make sure it is working according to their needs.

While consultants can assist users with general computer problems and supported software, consultants will not be specifically trained in the usage of installed class software. The only form of support available to students requesting assistance on the class software will be the software manual(s). Further questions will be re-directed to the class instructor or department, as applicable.

If an instructor wishes to install software needing frequent updates, data revisions, etc, special arrangements may be made. Please contact the Facility Manager or associated staff.

Software Installation Request Form:

Please fill out the following information completely:

Software Title:
Software Company Name:
Software Web site:
Software Platform:

Technical Support Phone Number:
Number of licenses (if applicable,):
If it is a site license please type in "Site"
Instructor's Name:
Phone Number (eg. (770) 737-1234):
Email Address:
Class using this software (eg. ST421):

Campus Technical Contact:
Someone we could contact
incase problems arise with the software

Departmental Contact:
Departmental Contact Phone:
Date software needed by: - -
Date software can be removed: - -
Check this box for software that does not have a removal date
Install software in the following facilities:
General Access Labs - Win
How will the software/licensing
information be delivered:
Will email licence/software/instructions to scf_admin at lists.
Software can be downloaded at above website.
SCF already has this software, updating software information.
See Notes below
Any notes regarding software,
installation, or licensing:

I have read the above policy, and agree to all of the conditions and terms stated.