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Safety & Security


Department of Safety and Security The Reformed University is moving ahead with free-of-charge emergency text message notification system, with which school officials may contact each constituent via text-message in case of an emergency or weather alert


The Reformed University takes student, faculty and staff safety very seriously. There will be no drugs, alcohol, weapons, sexual activities, violent activities and/or any illegal activities allowed on campus. There will be no exceptions excluding prescription medicines. Illegitimate possession of harmful material on campus shall result in termination of student status (i.e. expulsion) without any hesitation, and Reformed University shall formally seek legal actions against the violator to be reported to federal authorities in U.S.
Reformed University is committed to ensuring a safe environment within which all members of our community may learn, live, teach, and work. The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is of primary importance. Safety and security ? our own and that of others ? are issues about which all of us must be vigilant.
Here, as elsewhere, the responsibility for the safety of everyone in our community belongs to each of us individually as well as collectively. It is, therefore, important for all of us to familiarize ourselves with the following procedures developed by the University. This guide provides quick steps to follow in case of a variety of emergencies. Please review these points and keep the guide in an easily accessible location.
In case of severe weather condition, University administrators ask students and other Reformed University members to check with local weather forecast and school website for school closing as follows:
  • 1.School Website Posting:
  • 2.Internet Broadcasting:
  • 3.TV Broadcasting: Fox 5 news
  • 4.Radio Broadcasting Services: Radio 94.1
  • 5.Phone Contact: 770-232-2717
The Reformed University Takes 3R measures to deal with emergency situations recommended by the U.S. Department of Education: Readiness, Response and Recovery. We exert our best to prevent all unsafe situations by asking all members of Reformed University to use their common sense. School closing decisions, at often case, however, may be delayed and lapsed due to leaves or absence of administrative decision makers at the institution and any emergency situations can arise without prior warning. Hence Reformed University is pursuing more effective measures to contact students, faculty and staff in case of emergency; the Department of Safety and Security shall transmit electronic message (SMS) via constituent's cellular phone and his/her email account to exert alertness and readiness for safety.

Purpose of This Guide

1.To provide guidelines for meeting minor emergencies as well as actions to take during major disasters.
2.To provide a means to notify the total University community of steps to take during times of emergency and/or crisis.
3.To emphasize the importance of following proper procedures during times of emergency and/or crisis.
For more, see Questions about security and safty. Download Reformed University Policy Emergency and Crisis Procedure here. All archived are in .pdf format